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Having been to Box Hill the day before, one of my fellow club members Tom Welsh was exhibiting his layout at Woodend to which yours truly assisted and got into the day. It was much smaller than the day before but I feel much more homely. One thing I did find out about between the two days was the numbers of our members who belong to more than one club... part of the camaraderie that should be there in all hobbies...

This is EVERTON which is one of the Sunbury Model Railway Clubs layouts... some of the scenes here are from that layout... enjoy!

A Very Interesting "What If"  scenario... H220 otherwise known as Heavy Harry on the Branch line to Bright! Enjoy the following...

This was an N scale layout next to our stand... hopefully I do this justice! It was based on Burlington Northern but there seems to be less Cascade Green available in any scale let alone N since the Santa Fe Merger. The back station on this layout was reminiscent of Riverside in Illinois on the Chicago to Aurora "raceway" which is triple tracked for the most part... and there were more than a few operating possibilities between the back yard and the front. Well done!

This was called a TWIG which is a funny way of indicating a very short branch line! Of real interest to me was the fiddle yard arrangement at the end shown below. The shunting/switching was intriguing to watch being of course the main operation possible. This would make a great "timesaver" type layout!  

A really wide "turntable" but what a great size. The owner said he put the spindle on 2 inch dowel which at least would keep the table stable over its pivot point. A great idea ! The yellow shunter at the top left side was a really impressive little power box for its size

This is Paul Hawdens (of the Buffer Stop in East Preston) exhibition layout named "Anthony's Room". I particularly like the scenic modules which change the nature of the scene... enjoy! Note the building in the bottom left corner compared to the bottom photos... which it either a loading ramp platform or a station building! And it was all so seamless!

This is an excellent small layout for getting the observers intrigued with photos on the schematic on the wall showing the switching or shunting orders.  And as Paul notes on a sign... "It might not be prototypical but it runs better than my dream layout"...which sums up most of us who have a layout really...


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