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As I said before, this exhibition was much smaller but had a lot of visual interest... as the following should show
This is "Paydenvale"  as modelled by Tom Welsh,  which was the layout I was assisting with on the day...  the joint in the two sections is obvious in te picture below but given the extreme weather of the previous week the layout held up well and ran smoothly for most of the time. Tom is working on his Australian content and like all good hobbyists he will get there... eventually!
Here is the back of "Paydenvale" with Tom at the controls, always  performing at his best in a crisis situation... er Tom!!! TOM!!! Only kidding mate! By this stage, Tom would have had two fairly full-on days operating, repairing and assessing as well as being a diplomat with many of the onlookers and being Sunday afternoon, well why not!

This was part of the "Skykomish" display... took me a while to figure out where all the tracks went. I know Skykomish having been through it is in Washington State and Santa Fe... but Santa Fe diesels ran all over the newly created BNSF system as did BN diesels... and the builder has captured the feel of the area very well... The views shown are only a small part of the whole layout being about 16 feet long by 4 feet... equivalent to 4 times my HO layout in fact!
Hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did  ... hopefully many more to follow!